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Medical Offices: 4 Ways to Use Mobile Shred Trucks

Shredded Documents
A wide variety of medical documents showcase personal and confidential information on them. If those documents fall into the wrong hands, a medical office may not only lose the trust of patients but could also find themselves dealing with fines and charges into relation to the data breach.

One of the easiest solutions for getting rid of private data is with the use of a mobile shred truck. These trucks help you get rid of papers, but a medical office can take advantage of these services for many other uses too.

Along with folders and documents, see how items will get shredded and destroyed with no way of anyone recovering the sensitive data.

1. X-Rays

A medical office may handle hundreds of x-rays at any given moments. These scans may include broken bones, deformities, or other diseases like arthritis. Along with the pictures, the x-ray images may also include patient details, such as their name, date of birth, and contact information.

The unique texture of an x-ray makes the document hard to shred on your own or even cut into pieces using a pair of scissors. A mobile shred truck has the ability to shred multiple x-rays at once and remove all of the sensitive information from them.

In many cases, you can place the whole x-ray folder into the shredder without even removing the individual x-ray scans. When you are cleaning out a medical office, you may have a lot of x-ray files that are either digitized or no longer needed. Clear out a lot of space securely with a mobile shred truck.

2. Imaging Discs

Along with printed copies of x-rays, your medical office may have a whole backlog of imaging discs. These CD or DVD discs may include a variety of image types including mammograms, CAT scans, ultrasounds, and xrays.

The proper way to destroy the discs is with a professional shredding service. The discs will be broken and torn into tiny pieces, making all of the data impossible to recover. Some discs may have patient information printed right on the label. With the shredding process, the information will also be shredded down and unable to determine.

3. Computer Hard Drive

Whether your medical office uses a network or some other type of computer service, sensitive information is stored on the computer hard drives located at your office. When you are ready to upgrade a computer and look into new options, consider using a mobile shredding truck for the destruction of sensitive hard drives.

The hard drives are placed in a device and go through an extended destruction process that crushes the hard drive, smashes it to pieces, and destroys all the data. The foolproof method for clearing out drives will ensure no sensitive medical data or patient records are made available.

4. Textiles

Medical offices often deal with a number of textiles and fabrics on a daily basis. From uniforms to bedsheets, sometimes the textiles have run their course and need to be thrown out. Help recycle and reuse the textiles by shredding them through a mobile shredding truck service. The eco-friendly work of the truck helps to properly recycle the textiles and repurpose them in a number of ways.

Recycled textiles may be transformed into new clothes or carpet padding. Or the mobile shredding service might donate the textiles to countries all over the world in need of materials. Before sending textiles to the landfill, consider making them a part of the mobile shredding truck. By getting rid of old textiles, you will clear a lot of space in the office and help increase your business's recycling effort.

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