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Recycle and Reuse to Keep Your Office Secure and Eco-Friendly

Man in an office throwing plastic bottle into recycling bin
Do you know how much waste your office employees create every year? The average U.S. office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year in addition to paper towels, sticky notes, and foam coffee cups. You may also be concerned about keeping your office trash out of the hands of criminals who want to steal company or customer information.
If you are concerned about recycling and security at your company, use these tips so your employees can recycle and protect the environment and your business at the same time.
Limit Trash Collection Containers
A good deal of office waste comes in the form of paper documentation from items such as interoffice memos and physical customer information. If each employee has a waste basket at their desk, they will develop the habit of  throwing each piece of paper right into the trash, which adds up quickly.
Personal waste baskets provide an opportunity that may leave your office data at risk of being stolen, especially when you have an office cleaning crew empty the baskets each night, for example. In addition to a potential for theft, this situation contributes to a large amount of paper going into the landfills. In fact, 40 percent of the waste in landfills is made up of paper waste, such as office paper.
Limit the number of trash baskets in your office. Set recycling bins throughout the office so employees can recycle scrap paper. You can also set out trash bins so employees have a place to discard their trash, such as candy bar wrappers, used tissues, and chewing gum.
Collect, Shred, and Recycle Paper Waste
Once you space out a few trash baskets and place numerous recycling bins through your office, implement a full recycling policy for recyclable paper in your office. Notify your employees of this process so they can get in the habit of putting every scrap of paper, sticky note, and printed document into the recycling bin at the end of their work day.
To help implement this process in your office, hire an ecofriendly shredding company. They will provide professional recycling collection bins that you can place all through your office. Then, they will pick up the bins on a regular basis and securely dispose of them by shredding the documents.
Often, office paperwork is shredded on-site by a shredding recycle truck. This way, all documents are destroyed before they ever leave your property.
Next, the shred company compresses the paper waste into large bricks and sends them to a recycling location. Some items made out of recycled office paper include new computer and notebook paper, napkins, and facial tissues. Recycling reduces the number of trees that would be cut down and turned into virgin paper.
Stock Reusable Items
Another way you can help your office be more eco-friendly is to stock reusable items in your employee break room. Provide real coffee mugs instead of foam cups for your employees to drink from, and set up office coffee machines to promote your employees to get coffee at work in a mug instead of buying it in a paper cup.
You can also invest in some plates, flat ware, and glasses for any catered lunch meetings instead of buying disposable plates and utensils, which cannot be recycled.
Additionally, add quick-drying hand dryers in your office restrooms. This eliminates the need to buy and dispose of paper towels, which also cannot be recycled.
By shredding and recycling your office waste with a professional, security-driven, and eco-friendly recycling company, you can help your company and the planet. Contact a specialist at Shred Defense today for more information to get your office started with a safe shred-recycling program.


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