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How to Maintain Information Security With a Clean Desk Policy


At a time of increased internal and external security threats, tidying up the office is not just about maintaining a professional appearance, but it is also about preventing unauthorized individuals from accessing sensitive documents. One way to minimize security breaches and comply with existing data protection regulations is to implement a clean desk policy.

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Medical Offices: 4 Ways to Use Mobile Shred Trucks


A wide variety of medical documents showcase personal and confidential information on them. If those documents fall into the wrong hands, a medical office may not only lose the trust of patients but could also find themselves dealing with fines and charges into relation to the data breach.

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Retention Schedules – why Your Business Needs Them and How to Implement One


For any business, avoiding liability and improving security is important. And while many business owners focus on the security of their physical location, less attention is often paid to the security of documents and digital files.  One key part of any document security strategy is a good retention schedule. What is it, and how can you implement one? Here's a handy guide.

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