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Shredding Equipment:

Shred Defense™ operates Vecoplan shredders in our truck and in our plant. Vecoplan shreds materials by a process called pulverization. This is the newest and most secure way to shred your confidential materials. We are extremely proud that our 2009 truck is the first “green” mobile shredding truck in the entire Bay Area. This truck uses 3 gallons, versus 55 gallons of Hydraulic fluid compared to other trucks. The Hydraulic fluid hoses are all contained within the truck so that if there is a leak it will not be a toxic problem at your facility! The other types of truck hoses are all exposed to your pavement, which means when a hose leaks you, will have a toxic spill to deal with in your parking lot!

Our output is 6000 to 8000 pounds per hour. This is the highest throughput per hour available.

What does this mean for our customers?

Shred Defense™ will be at your location for a lesser amount of time running our truck, will be using less fuel and will be creating less noise. The output available with Vecoplan is a particle size superior to most strip shredding systems, hammer mills and pierce-and-tear shredders. We also have box trucks which can pick up banker boxes for offsite shredding. We will pick up and deliver your secured containers.

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